Why Travel With Us?

Why Travel with our team?

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and operate outdoor adventures and cultural tour in Myanmar by offering the beautiful natural environment of the Myanmar & Tribes ‘cultural experience to our customers. We are provider of cultural and adventure travel and personalized customer service to people coming to Myanmar through innovation and preservation. We sustain a reputation of quality through excellent service, custom care and a friendly professional stuff. We generate a profit in an ethnical manner while meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Experience, professional, Local, Ethical & Responsible

Since 2006 we have been operating continually in Myanmar Hospitality industry as we have established Emerald Sea Resort, Ngwe Saung Beach. Then, we started to provide tourism services to our repeated guests and then River Mekong is born in 2012. Then Birding Myanmar team (www.birdingmyanmar.com) is established 2 years later.
– We are a Professional Team with Sincere Service
– We combine Soft adventure with culture and comfort
– We are an Honest and Friendly Company
– We are a legal Myanmar entity and a Tour Operators License Holder. We train Myanmar Local youths and work together with local people in each destination focusing on the better contribution of positive tourism effect on the local community.
– We provide service in a sustainable way. 100% sustainability is not possible in tourism, but we’ll still try to make a difference.

Our local advice is valuable

Myanmar is a new adventurous destination for tourist around the world. We will tailor for your tour based on your needs and interest, provide useful advice to help you explore and experience more. River Mekong complies with International Standards, and we will be fully responsible during our trip to take care of you and always happy to receive your feedback.

We can provide custom made tours just for you

We deliberately opts for individual trips. For it you can easily make contact with the locals and sleep in small family hotels, lodges, or if you want, with the people at home (homestay). There is plenty of room for personal attention. We provide every detail of your need good attention and happy to provide a wonderful Myanmar tours just for you. As soon as you start contacting us, we will begin to make your trip itinerary tailored to only you and to your interests. Our tours are planned according to many categories, such as: weather, nature, season, & Traditional Festivals. Because we tailor to your wishes, we want to make your trip fun, efficient & full of adventure. So by suggesting these things to keep in mind, we can provide the best experience for your trip.

Quick in responding

If you would like to customize one of our tours for yourself or create your own unique tour package, we are ready to help you. Please fill out the reservation form or customized tours form and within 24 hours our tour manager will contact you to offer the itinerary and quote.